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Our Mission

  • We dream of supporting Industries globally, by becoming their preferred choice of packaging partners.
  • We pledge to protect our customers in their growth by protecting their goods of value and their equipment.
  • We may grow, but we will always strive to adhere to these values - of quality, punctuality, affordability, sustainability, adaptability and family.

Humble Beginnings

We are a young packaging company

We started out as a young packaging company in a small town called Pratipadu in the Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. Initially, the climb was steep and faced many hurdles in the market. Over the time we figured out the intricacies of the packaging industry and soon developed a robust team of professionals. Under the visionary leadership of Mr Srujan Kumar arrived a new chapter in the growth of Prime Pack Industries. We soon refurbished and promoted Prime Pack Industries as an one of a kind integrated corrugated and cardboard packaging solutions provider.

We undertook a
special customer-centric approach

With a key focus on innovation, thereby growing over 20% YOY. Since this inception, we have grown manifold nationally with strong management, a talented workforce and well-established regional market. Our main aim is to create value for our stakeholders. One of our biggest strengths apart from our management and workforce is that we never compromise on quality while balancing a very affordable price for our products. .

Our teams
We have hired an
adroit team of employees,

Who keep themselves abreast with advanced manufacturing techniques and designs. They are all highly experienced professionals that have intricate industry expertise. Our PPI team, for the reasons of better and highly effective management of operations, has been parted into several highly operational units. These units, in the most effective and efficient manner, boost the firm’s production capacity. The division of these professionals is done as per their area of expertise. Further, regular training sessions are provided, for maximum employee satisfaction.

What sets PPI apart?

Our company is widely acclaimed due to its client-centric approach, moral business, ethics, international quality standards and economical prices. Since our development in this industry, we have directed all our hard work in accomplishing a top-notch statue by delivering a supreme variety of products to our customers. Today PPI can process and convert 50,000 tonnes of paper annually, which is an incredible milestone according to the industry standards.

Our Values And Our Plan

No compromises, even if we have to sacrifice a few hours to get better raw materials or for improved precision.
Only those who value others' time get valued in return. This is something that PPI has implemented since day-1.
The profits come when you think of others' gain, we always strive to do so by being economical and by maintaining strict standards of quality, we leave no stone unturned to do so.
It is not what we gain, we are here to play in the market for long and leave our mark for the future.
As they say, change is the only constant and chaos is a ladder. We make the best of our ability and try to find new opportunities in adversity.
Staying connected is of utmost importance in business, be it with your employees, your clients or even with family through a good work-life balance.